Photo Index

Album 1

Tupolev Tu-95 "Bear"
with Yak-27R beneath engines
Yak-25(?) lower right

Lisunov Li-2 "Cab".
Douglas DC-3 built under license
by Russia

Experimental lifting body

Tupovlev M-141
reconnaissance drone

Sukhoi Su-24 "Fencer" Prototype

Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-29 Fulcrum,
Mil M-12 world's largest helicopter
& Sukhoi T-10-1 (Su-27 prototype)

Album 2

MiG-19PM "Farmer",
and MiG-21S "Fishbed".
Be-12 "Seagull" amphibian
in background.

Myasischev M-50 "Bounder"
experimental supersonic
strategic bomber

M-50 "Bounder" and
Sukhoi 100/T-4-1
supersonic bomber.

Sukhoi 100/T-4-1
Similar to North American XB-70

Sukhoi 100/T-4-1,
Mil Mi-8 Hip (green helicopter)
Mil Mi-24A Hind-B (2nd helo)
Mil Mi-24P Hind-F (3rd helo)

Album 3

Sikorsky Ilya Muromets -
first four-engined bomber

Sukhoi Su-15, Su-11, & Su-9

Su-25 "Frogfoot" attack aircraft
& Tu-144 supersonic airliner

Sukhoi S-26 (Su-7 w/skis)

Tupolev Tu-114 & An-22

Album 4

Tupolev Tu-16 Badger

Tupolev Tu-16K Badger

Tupolev Tu-22 "Blinder"

Tu-22M "Backfire"

Tupolev Tu-95 Bear
& Li-2 in background

Album 5

Turbolyot experimental
vertical take-off vehicle
& USSR-1 balloon car.

Lockheed U-2 Fragments.
U.S. spy plane downed by
Russian missile.

Tu-4 Bull
Boeing B-29 copy

Tu-4 Bull
Boeing B-29 copy

Yak-42 Airliner

Album 6

supersonic airliner.
"92" is a MiG-21.
Behind Tu-144 nose gear:
MiG-21I used for Tu-144 testing.

supersonic airliner

supersonic airliner

supersonic airliner
engine intakes

supersonic airliner
vertical stabilizer

Album 7

Yak-15 with
tail of M-50 in background

Yak-23 "Flora".
Used a straight wing
from the Yak-19.

Yak-36 "Freehand"

La-250 "Anakonda"

Lavochkin La-15 "Fantail" (front),
Lavochkin La-250 "Anakonda"
and Yakovlev Yak-38 "Forger"
(at left)

Album 8

Yakovlev Yak-27R "Mangrove"

A.N.Tupolev ANT-2
(first Russian all metal
airplane)and ANT-25/RD

Tupolev ANT-25/RD
Record making transarctic
flight from Moscow to Vancouver

Ilyushin Db-3 bomber

Unusual engine with
cylinders parallel to
output shaft

Album 9

Farman HF-4

Ilyushin Il-10