Copyright© 2000, Douglas Alberg.   Photographed August, 2000

Pavel Belyayev

Grave of Cosmonaut Pavel I. Belyayev (1925-1970)

Belyayev was part of the crew of Voskhod 2. Note "CCCP" on helmet in his left hand.

Voskhod 2 was launched with a crew of two on March 18, 1965 and landed on March 19 after many orbits of Earth. The first "space walk" was performed during this mission by Belyayev's partner, Alexei Leonov. The mission was plagued with problems, but was a success in the end.

After his space walk, Leonov had trouble returning to the space capsule because his space suit had expanded in the vacuum of space. Risking decompression sickness, he released some air from the suit and was able to reenter the capsule.

Difficulties with the automatic reentry system required the crew to perform a manual reentry. The craft landed safely, but 2,000 miles off course in the Ural mountains. They spent the night in the Voskhod capsule and were reached by a ski patrol the following day.

Pavel Belyayev Pavel Belyayev

Location: The Novo-Devichy (Nowodjewchij) cemetery, Moscow.