Copyright© 1999, Douglas Alberg.   Photographed July, 1999


Lisunov Li-2 "Cab"

In 1936, the Soviet Union signed an agreement with the Douglas Aircraft Company to produce the DC-3 under license. Boris Lisunov spent time at the Douglas factory in Santa Monica, California in support of this project.

The Li-2 (originally called the "PS-84") first flew in 1939 and was produced until 1952. Up to 4,863 (reports vary) Li-2's were produced at Aviation Factory No. 84 near Moscow in many configurations. The aircraft was used throughout the Soviet Union and China.

The biggest difference between the DC-3 and the Li-2 is the use of different engines. The DC-3 used Pratt and Whitney R-1820/1830 radials while the Li-2 used 1,000 HP Russian Shvetsov ASh-62IR's. This is the same engine used by the popular AN-2 biplane.
There is also a metal grill over the front of the engine with inlets that control the amount of airflow over the engine.

The Yugoslavian Air Force refitted Li-2's with U.S. engines and designated them "Li-3's"

The Chinese included an Li-2 on their currency.

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