Copyright© 1999, Douglas Alberg.   Photographed July, 1999


Ilyushin Db-3 bomber

A derivation of the experimental TsKB-30, the DB-3 prototype first flew in 1935 with engines based upon the French Gnome Rhone. About 1,528 production DB-3 bombers were built between 1936 and 1939 in many variations. The DB-3F with new engines, a new nose and a new wing was eventually renamed the Il-4. About 5256 Il-4's were produced.

The DB-3 at the museum was discovered near the Sea of Japan and was airlifted to the Irkutsk Aircraft Industrial Association factory for restoration in 1988. The restored aircraft was delivered to Monino in December, 1989.

The TsKB-30 was an all-metal version of the TsKB-26 shown here.