Copyright© 1999, Douglas Alberg.   Photographed July, 1999


Mil Mi-12 "Homer"

Experimental helicopter which first flew in 1969.
It is the largest helicopter in the world due both to its lifting capacity and its size.
In August of 1969, the Mi-12 lifted 88,636 lb (44 tons!) to a height of 7,398 feet.

The Mi-12's four Soloviev D-25DF turboshaft engines each produced 6,500 hp for a total of 26,000 hp.

Two Mi-12's were built. The other is reportedly on display at the Mil plant in the Moscow region.

The plane shown at the far right is the first prototype of the Su-27, called the T-10-1. The first flight of this aircraft was made on May 20, 1977 from Zhukovski. Several other prototypes were produced to fully define the production Su-27.